Example Stories

Language Arts

I Read Banned Books
This is a story about the struggles of reading teachers on book banning. Titles of books that are banned from being taught in American schools were also shown.
Crucibles in Action
The main topic of this digital story is McCarthyism and its connection to The Crucible, a 1953 play by the American playwright Arthur Miller. It was created to help students understand and explain the connection between Miller's play and the period in American history when Senator Joseph McCarthy's hunt for communist infiltrators in the federal government.
The Most Dangerous Game
This digital story uses one of Richard Connell's famous short stories, "The Most Dangerous Game" to provide ELA teachers with an alternative method for covering stories and testing reading comprehension as well as assessing whether students are developing a clear understanding of how literary elements are used in stories.
The Path I Chose to Teach English Pronunciation
The story highlights why the traditional way of teaching English pronunciation, listening to an audio recording and repeating after the example, do not always work as expected, and to bring to light the similarity between singing and speaking a foreign language and how our mother tongue influences the way we speak another language.
The main topic of my project was rhetorical arguments with an explanation of the three forms of rhetoric, ethos, pathos, and logos.
The Tupac Project
This story describes how a new teacher developed a lesson utilizing Tupac Shakur's song "Brenda's Got a Baby" to teach the narrative structure in a high school English class.
No Batteries Required
Exploration of how a book is the perfect "toy", as it provides a variety of journeys to explore.
Muse's Tale
Exploring how life sometimes affects one's creativity and passion for writing. How can this be overcome? Will the muse ever resurface?
The American Dream
Economic repercussions of keeping up with the Great Gatsby.
Wizard of Oz
L. Frank Baum and the social and political allegory of the Wizard of Oz.
This video reminds us of how Shakespeare' Macbeth explores the dark forces of the human mind.
Monster Mash
This video explores the psychology of how scary stories are taught in school and why children fear them at home.