Example Stories


Run Your World
This video is for those people who are hesitant to exercise. It provides steps to overcome the guilt of not working out.
My Fulbright Journey
A student discusses his journey as a physician from Indonesia to the University of Houston as a Fulbright scholar.
Bullying is a major concern in schools today. This story explores the nature of bullying and the ways in dealing with the problem.
The story explains how making decisions affect our daily lives.
Portrait of Dr. Gachet: My Story vs. van Gogh's Story
The story is about the perspective of the author towards the portrait of Dr. Gachet by Vincent van Gogh. She also discusses the relationship between the paintings and illness of Vincent van Gogh.
The One-Sided Heart
A digital story that helps patients understand the anatomy, physiology and treatment of hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare congenital heart defect.
Lackluster Lunch Lines: An American Tragedy
This story focuses upon the negative impact that unhealthy food served in school cafeterias can have upon childrens health, as well as ideas for steps that can be taken to encourage schools to offer healthier choices for students.
Famine and Emigration
This historical digital story introduces viewers to the history behind the Irish famine, the reasons for the mass emigration to the U.S. and the obstacles the Irish and other immigrants had to endure upon their arrival in the U.S..
Rosie's Story
Rosie's Story deals with surviving bladder cancer.
A Surgeon's Perspective on Medical Television Shows
The author reflects on how television shows about medicine helped inspire her to become a surgeon.
A personal reflection on the family effects of cardiovascular disease, smoking, and cancer.
How Low Can You Go
Exploring the use of scientific research & design (SRD) as an innovative educational opportunity for students.
Ice Cream
Ice cream as a frozen treat, a dessert, an icon of American dependance on unhealthy fast food....sounds like a problem...
Technology in Medicine
The author addresses the double edged sword of medical research and patient harm and urges us to remember the Hippocratic Oath that focuses on patient health.
Organic Food
This story explores the benefits of an organic diet versus a non-organic diet.
Body Language of Premature Babies
Exploring the body language of babies during pregnancy and after birth.
Mile 20
Marathon runners hit the wall at "mile 20"...questioning why they are in the race at all. A metaphor for dealing with life's struggles.
History of Type I Diabetes and Insulin
Informative look at the history and analysis of diabetes.
Runner's Guide to Life
Discusses how running can make a person better on the inside as well as the outside.
TV & Childhood Obesity
What are the connections between television and the current state of childhood obesity in America?
You Are What You Eat
Examines fast food choices and considerations for consumers, including a realistic comparison of supposed healthy alternatives.
Aging Well
The digital story looks at the process of growing old and discusses the importance of healthy eating and living for aging well.
My Mama
A personal reflection about life, family and loss.
Change Your Food Change Your Life
The importance of a vegetarian diet and ancient herbal remedies is shared through a personal story of cancer survival.
Medical Oath
Exploring the principle, meaning, moral and quality of the Hippocratic oath taken by doctors in the field of medicine.