Example Stories

Personal Reflection

How Did I Become Asian American
A personal account of what it was like to grow up in the United States as an Asian-American.
The Scene Behind Turtle Quest
Describes a personal reaction to the environmental impact of plastics in the ocean.
Me and Coaching Story
This video is about overcoming the fear of moving forward through coaching and moral support.
Run Your World
This video is for those people who are hesitant to exercise. It provides steps to overcome the guilt of not working out.
The Meaning of My Life
A deeply personal digital story about the search for what is important in one's life.
Thundery Fairy Tale
Childhood memories of how a lady escaped the frightening sounds of thunder.
My Fulbright Journey
A student discusses his journey as a physician from Indonesia to the University of Houston as a Fulbright scholar.
Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust
This single-image digital story is about children during the Holocaust.
Adapting to a New Culture
This story is a personal reflection on adapting to different cultures. The authors perspective are from professional and cultural point of views.
Bullying is a major concern in schools today. This story explores the nature of bullying and the ways in dealing with the problem.
The story explains how making decisions affect our daily lives.
Historical Heroes
This is a single-image digital story about historical heroes.
Lessons Learned from the Past
This single-image digital story focuses on lessons learned.
My Struggle with Mathematics
This single-image digital story recounts the author's struggle with mathematics.
Not Another Statistic
This single-image digital story is a remembrance about a family's determination to overcome living in a tough neighborhood.
Portrait of Dr. Gachet: My Story vs. van Gogh's Story
The story is about the perspective of the author towards the portrait of Dr. Gachet by Vincent van Gogh. She also discusses the relationship between the paintings and illness of Vincent van Gogh.
Stress and Education
This story is a personal reflection on stress and education. The author also discusses the different perspectives of education between eastern and western society.
Swimming: A Reflection
The narrator in this single-image digital story describes personal challenges and benefits associated with swimming.
The Day the Rain Stopped
This single-image digital story highlights a special day in the life of a family.
Art as a Way of Thinking
In this video the author takes a stance against the removal of arts in education and provides arguments and reasons in support of reinstating art in the curriculum.
A Surgeon's Perspective on Medical Television Shows
The author reflects on how television shows about medicine helped inspire her to become a surgeon.
Behind the Lens
A digital story about finding a passion with photography.
Biomass to Biogas
Exploring scientific trial and error through the scientific research and design process.
A personal reflection on the family effects of cardiovascular disease, smoking, and cancer.
Birth of Internet
This digital story provides a personal reflection of the magical technology that opened up a world of possibilities.
Blue Bell Ice Cream: A Texas Tradition
The major objective of my digital story was to educate the viewer on the history of the Blue Bell Creamery, show how ice cream relates to my family, and to share my travels.
A historical look at the color of skin in relation to ideas of "beauty" and "worth".
Organic Food
This story explores the benefits of an organic diet versus a non-organic diet.
The Tupac Project
This story describes how a new teacher developed a lesson utilizing Tupac Shakur's song "Brenda's Got a Baby" to teach the narrative structure in a high school English class.
Fork in the Road
A personal journey to answer God's calling through a career change to education.
Everlasting Kids
One of the most vivid childhood memories I have is of my first trip to the toy store. My first steps into that store were met with awe and wonder.
Growing Up
A reflection upon the many "firsts" in life.
Mile 20
Marathon runners hit the wall at "mile 20"...questioning why they are in the race at all. A metaphor for dealing with life's struggles.
My Life According to Ericka
Personal reflections of growing up with a single parent.
No Batteries Required
Exploration of how a book is the perfect "toy", as it provides a variety of journeys to explore.
Volunteer Firefighters in the US
Until someone has an emergency, the importance of the men and women who risk their lives goes largely unnoticed. This digital story asks the viewer to consider the heroism of volunteer firefighters
What If?
What if today was the last "normal day" and the comforts of freedom were taken away from me, as it has happened to many others around the world?
A Journey to Discovery
A search for identity through exploring culture and artistic inspiration.
A trip to East & West Berlin, before the wall fell down, challenges an American teenager to contemplate the idea of freedom.
Finding Meaning in Your Work
Some people spend their whole life searching for a purpose...
John Lennon
This story is about the importance of our memories on our future with an example of the day John Lennon died and how it has affected the author's life from age 6 to now.
Personal reflection of the tragic loss of a dear friend.
Justice or Just Us?
Reflections on a personal experience with injustice.
Personal reflection on growing up in Louisiana.
Marching Cavaliers
Involvement in a summer music program and its influence on a person's life.
Muse's Tale
Exploring how life sometimes affects one's creativity and passion for writing. How can this be overcome? Will the muse ever resurface?
Reflection on why people get tattoos and how it is a form of self-expression.
Teacher's Survivial Guide
Tips and advice for surviving the first year of teaching.
Teen Pregnancy
How unplanned teen pregnancy changed the course of someone's life.
The American Dream
Economic repercussions of keeping up with the Great Gatsby.
The Games of Life
The discovery of an athletic passion and how academics are always a foundation for the future.
The Reality of Television
Television and its effects on life and society.
The Story of Betty: My Maid, Mother, and Friend
An interview and reflection with a woman who was influential in teaching compassion for others regardless of race or color.
Thelma Scott Bryant and The Third Ward
Tales of a native Houstonian's life in the Third Ward, seeing it transition from a thriving culture to be stricken by poverty.
Reflections on a family members involvement in the Vietnam War and its effects on the family.
Who are the Heroes Among Us?
Taking a moment to discover, appreciate, and remember the heroes among us.
Almost Paradise
The video showcases the differences in views and opinions of a mother and a daughter based on the different cultures in which they were raised.
Moving Along South Korea
The roads and paths across South Korea led to a great deal of discoveries.
My Mama
A personal reflection about life, family and loss.
Change Your Food Change Your Life
The importance of a vegetarian diet and ancient herbal remedies is shared through a personal story of cancer survival.
Coming to Houston
This story presents the perspectives of culturally different people about their journey from their home country to the University of Houston and their experiences in the new place.
Convenient Truth
Exploring the true nature of research through an experience with SRD (Scientific Research & Design).
Energy of Ocean Currents
An evolution of SRD (Scientific Research & Design).
My Grandfather
An emotional and inspiring story about a Vietnamese man in the midst of war who accomplished his dream to provide for his family and give them a better life.
The Computer and I
The author of this digital story reminisces about growing up at the same time as computers and new technologies became part of our way of life.
The El dorado Ballroom
A personal history of Houston's El Dorado Ballroom is described through family photos and memories.
Way to Brighten Day
Embarking upon the unexpected journey of a year long scientific research and design (SRD) science project.