Example Stories


A Journey: The International Space Station
Experience the adventure as you learn the history, details and importance of the multinational, technological achievement, The International Space Station.
Biomass to Biogas
Exploring scientific trial and error through the scientific research and design process.
Camera Obscura
The history of development of the camera is explored in this digital story.
Coming Clean: My Road Through SRD
Explorations in scientific research and design (SRD).
Convenient Truth
Exploring the true nature of research through an experience with SRD (Scientific Research & Design).
Energy and its Discontent: A New Appreciation of the Sun
A look at how solar energy is the ultimate source for much of the power we get on Earth, describing a plan for a full world-wide conversion to renewable (ultimately solar) energy.
Energy of Ocean Currents
An evolution of SRD (Scientific Research & Design).
This video talks about the history and uses of fingerprints as a means of identification.
Where were you on the fateful day of man's first steps on the moon? This digital story examines this momentous event in 1969.
Pump it Up
Exploring the concept of pump jacks and simple machines through scientific research and design.
Slimy Diet
An SRD (Scientific Research & Design) project exploring the harmful effects of duckweed.
Technology in Medicine
The author addresses the double edged sword of medical research and patient harm and urges us to remember the Hippocratic Oath that focuses on patient health.
The Computer and I
The author of this digital story reminisces about growing up at the same time as computers and new technologies became part of our way of life.
The Idea Maker Evolution
This story explores the uses of three-dimensional printing and how it can be used in the classroom.
The Meaning of My Life
A deeply personal digital story about the search for what is important in one's life.
The Scene Behind Turtle Quest
Describes a personal reaction to the environmental impact of plastics in the ocean.
Way to Brighten Day
Embarking upon the unexpected journey of a year long scientific research and design (SRD) science project.
What to do with a Bomb?
A historical look at the 1945 atomic bombs dropped in World War II and the rise of nuclear power around the world challenges viewers to think about what it means to live in the nuclear age.