Example Stories


The Idea Maker Evolution
This story explores the uses of three-dimensional printing and how it can be used in the classroom.
Technology in Medicine
The author addresses the double edged sword of medical research and patient harm and urges us to remember the Hippocratic Oath that focuses on patient health.
A Journey: The International Space Station
Experience the adventure as you learn the history, details and importance of the multinational, technological achievement, The International Space Station.
Birth of Internet
This digital story provides a personal reflection of the magical technology that opened up a world of possibilities.
Classroom Blogging
Examining if classroom blogging is benefiting students in the 21st century.
The Internet & Telepresence
A reflection on the evolution and societal implications of the internet.
Visual Literacy
Visual literacy: what it means and why developing visual literacy skills is needed to evaluate images with a critical eye.
How Pop-ups Got their Pop
This digital story presents the history of paper engineering, more commonly called popup books, including some of the science behind this technology-based art form.
Eiffel's Towers
Discover the two towers that Alexandre Gustave Eiffel built. The video showcases the two radically different aesthetics aims in the two towers that Eiffel designed and created
Names of Machines
A. J. Meadows claims that the way we name our machines depends on their maturity -- that we don't settle in on a name until the machine has settled itself into our lives. Explore this video how different machines and their names were invented.
Teaching America to use the Telephone
The development in understanding of telephone use for social purposes in the US rather than just business is shown in the video
My Artwork
A personal reflection on the process involved in making a variety of artwork.
Pump it Up
Exploring the concept of pump jacks and simple machines through scientific research and design.
Tallest, Longest
This Engines of Our Ingenuity looks at structural details and the significance of skyscrapers, bridges and towers throughout the world.
The Computer and I
The author of this digital story reminisces about growing up at the same time as computers and new technologies became part of our way of life.
The Reality of TV
The video shows how television affects our reality and our way of thinking and living
Time and Efficiency
The paradox of how technology made our life easier and more efficient but did not necessarily improve our lives is presented in this video.
Way to Brighten Day
Embarking upon the unexpected journey of a year long scientific research and design (SRD) science project.