Writing an Effective Script and Creating a Storyboard

Tips on Scriptwriting

This video discusses the steps in developing and writing a script for your digital story.


Creating a Storyboard

This video explains the basics of creating a storyboard, from the elements of storyboard to tips on creating an effective storyboard.

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Creative Commons

This video describes creative commons, a non-profit organization that helps people find, use, and share creative materials on the web, such as images and music.

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Images and Copyright

This video shows how to find high resolution images to support your digital story.                              


Use High Resolution Images

This video shows how to find high resolution for your digital story that are licensed under creative commons or in public domain.

Creating a Storyboard with Storyboard That

This video shows step-by-step instructions on how to create a storyboard using a free online tool, Storyboard That.