Example Stories

Featured Digital Stories

My Fulbright Journey
A student discusses his journey as a physician from Indonesia to the University of Houston as a Fulbright scholar.
The Paw
The stories and myths behind The Cougar Paw hand sign that UH students, faculty, fans and alumni use to show their school spirit/pride.
Adapting to a New Culture
This story is a personal reflection on adapting to different cultures. The authors perspective are from professional and cultural point of views.
I Read Banned Books
This is a story about the struggles of reading teachers on book banning. Titles of books that are banned from being taught in American schools were also shown.
Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust (Full-version)
The story is about how Kindertransport, a rescue mission for Jewish children that took place during the outbreak of the Second World War, saved the life of the author's grandmother from the Holocaust.
Portrait of Dr. Gachet: My Story vs. van Gogh's Story
The story is about the perspective of the author towards the portrait of Dr. Gachet by Vincent van Gogh. She also discusses the relationship between the paintings and illness of Vincent van Gogh.
Stress and Education
This story is a personal reflection on stress and education. The author also discusses the different perspectives of education between eastern and western society.
The Idea Maker Evolution
This story explores the uses of three-dimensional printing and how it can be used in the classroom.