Example Stories


Bias and Propaganda in Journalism
This story looks at how Journalism plays a role in shaping peoples opinion and its use by parties with power to spread ideologies to the masses.
Chartres Cathedral
This is a video about the majestic Chartres Cathedral, its history and the stories etched in the walls and windows of the cathedral.
I Remember: A Story of Sam Houston Park
The video describes the history of Sam Houston Park, from private property to a public historic property today.
In Search of The Pythagoreans
The video talks about the history and meaning of the Pythagorean Theorem. Several real life examples are used to explain the theorem and show how it is relevant to life today.
Most Memorable
Lt. Colonel Roman Ohnemus shares his most memorable flying mission in World War II and the events leading up to the flight.
My First Mission
This is a story about the training and varied experiences of being a fighter pilot in World War II
My Grandfather
An emotional and inspiring story about a Vietnamese man in the midst of war who accomplished his dream to provide for his family and give them a better life.
Race to The Moon
This story uses President John F. Kennedy's "Race to the Moon" speech which he gave at Rice University in September 1962.
Tallest, Longest
This Engines of Our Ingenuity looks at structural details and the significance of skyscrapers, bridges and towers throughout the world.
The Computer and I
The author of this digital story reminisces about growing up at the same time as computers and new technologies became part of our way of life.
The Crystal Palace
The detailed engineering architecture and art of the Crystal Palace are presented in this video.
The El dorado Ballroom
A personal history of Houston's El Dorado Ballroom is described through family photos and memories.
The Gettysburg Address
A restatement of the Gettysburg Address in this digital story uses historical photographs and paintings to illustrate the words from this famous speech given by President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War.
The Industrial Workers of the World
Industrial workers feel the squeeze of economic hardship as they deal with grueling hours, harsh conditions, and a dependance upon their employers.
The Medieval West
Compare the medieval age and the old west and learn each of their characteristics and what they contributed to human civilization.
A Walk Uptown
The digital story showcases pictures that tell a story of the growth of New York in the 1990s through the eyes of an authors' walk from lower Manhattan to Central Park.
Fair Park
A multi-perspective look at Fair Park, site of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition held in Dallas, Texas.
A trip to East & West Berlin, before the wall fell down, challenges an American teenager to contemplate the idea of freedom.
History of Type I Diabetes and Insulin
Informative look at the history and analysis of diabetes.
Hollywood and the Old South Myth
Exploring the Old South Myth through the eyes of society and Hollywood.
John Lennon
This story is about the importance of our memories on our future with an example of the day John Lennon died and how it has affected the author's life from age 6 to now.
Justice or Just Us?
Reflections on a personal experience with injustice.
This is the story of my father's childhood growing up in Germany's "war district" in 1940. Explore this digital story to uncover personal reflections of a tumultuous time in history.
Thelma Scott Bryant and The Third Ward
Tales of a native Houstonian's life in the Third Ward, seeing it transition from a thriving culture to be stricken by poverty.
Reflections on a family members involvement in the Vietnam War and its effects on the family.
Amerigo Vespucci
Have you wondered why our continents are named after the Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci instead of the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus? Learn how and why "America" got its name from Amerigo Vespucci
Black & White
Watch slaves reshape Virginia with the African views and values of the slave population that gradually influenced the thoughts and lifestyle of the native white population.
Greek War & Politics
Engines of Our Ingenuity, episode #1941
The use of guillotine as a primitive technology for quick and painless execution was only for the noble and not for the common people. Explore the darker side of technology by looking at the historical developments of the guillotine
Lincoln's Speech
A visual representation of Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address from March 4, 1865.
Looking for Cleopatra
Engines of Our Ingenuity
Missing In Action
The story enumerates the events and experiences of Paul Stein as an American serving in the army and as a prisoner of war (POW) in World War II.
Mother Cabrini
Mother Francesca Cabrini's contributions to Italian immigration.
Explore the last days of Pompeii to uncover and ponder what really pushed Pompeii to destruction and its rediscovery later by the archeologists
A look at the evolution of print media.
Symbols of the Dollar
Historical exploration of cryptography and its variety of applications.
Becoming a Pilot
Roman Ohnemus shares his journey to becoming a pilot and then serving in World War II as a B25 fighter pilot.
How Pop-ups Got their Pop
This digital story presents the history of paper engineering, more commonly called popup books, including some of the science behind this technology-based art form.
A Journey: The International Space Station
Experience the adventure as you learn the history, details and importance of the multinational, technological achievement, The International Space Station.
A historical look at the color of skin in relation to ideas of "beauty" and "worth".
The Cuban Missile Crisis - 1962
This digital story examines the cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis, while also addressing the personal effect of this important period in history.
Social Movements
Learn why social movements are important part of our history as well as our future society.
What to do with a Bomb?
A historical look at the 1945 atomic bombs dropped in World War II and the rise of nuclear power around the world challenges viewers to think about what it means to live in the nuclear age.
Art as a Way of Thinking
In this video the author takes a stance against the removal of arts in education and provides arguments and reasons in support of reinstating art in the curriculum.
Crucibles in Action
The main topic of this digital story is McCarthyism and its connection to The Crucible, a 1953 play by the American playwright Arthur Miller. It was created to help students understand and explain the connection between Miller's play and the period in American history when Senator Joseph McCarthy's hunt for communist infiltrators in the federal government.
Famine and Emigration
This historical digital story introduces viewers to the history behind the Irish famine, the reasons for the mass emigration to the U.S. and the obstacles the Irish and other immigrants had to endure upon their arrival in the U.S..
Spies of the Revolutionary War!
This digital story presents a general overview of how spies gathered information in order to achieve two things: to pique the interest of students so that they are motivated to do some independent research on the topic, and to show that the Americans didn't win the Revolutionary War with just grit and determination but with cleverness and trickery.
Symbols of Texas
This digital story on Texas symbols is designed for elementary students and is appropriate for any younger students who want to learn about the state.
The Most Dangerous Game
This digital story uses one of Richard Connell's famous short stories, "The Most Dangerous Game" to provide ELA teachers with an alternative method for covering stories and testing reading comprehension as well as assessing whether students are developing a clear understanding of how literary elements are used in stories.
Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust
This single-image digital story is about children during the Holocaust.
Historical Heroes
This is a single-image digital story about historical heroes.
Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust (Full-version)
The story is about how Kindertransport, a rescue mission for Jewish children that took place during the outbreak of the Second World War, saved the life of the author's grandmother from the Holocaust.
Galveston, Hurricanes and Oz
A digital story about the historic hurricane in Galveston Texas and how it is related to the Wizard of Oz.