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Galveston, Hurricanes and Oz
A digital story about the historic hurricane in Galveston Texas and how it is related to the Wizard of Oz.
Me and Coaching Story
This video is about overcoming the fear of moving forward through coaching and moral support.
Run Your World
This video is for those people who are hesitant to exercise. It provides steps to overcome the guilt of not working out.
The Meaning of My Life
A deeply perosnal digital story about the search for what is important in one's life.
Thundery Fairy Tale
Childhood memories of how a lady escaped the frightening sounds of thunder.
My Fulbright Journey
A student discusses his journey as a physician from Indonesia to the University of Houston as a Fulbright scholar.
Robin's Market (WeVideo version) 2014
In my digital storytelling course at the University of Houston, we begin by creating a simple digital story using just one image. "Robin's Market" uses an old family photograph of my father and grandfather and I show it to my students as an example of a single image digital story that I show to my students as an example of the kind of story they might create. The students then select their own image, write the script, and create a simple digital story.
The Paw
The stories and myths behind The Cougar Paw hand sign that UH students, faculty, fans and alumni use to show their school spirit/pride.
Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust
This single-image digital story is about children during the Holocaust.
Adapting to a New Culture
This story is a personal reflection on adapting to different cultures. The authors perspective are from professional and cultural point of views.
Bullying is a major concern in schools today. This story explores the nature of bullying and the ways in dealing with the problem.
The story explains how making decisions affect our daily lives.
Historical Heroes
This is a single-image digital story about historical heroes.
I Read Banned Books
This is a story about the struggles of reading teachers on book banning. Titles of books that are banned from being taught in American schools were also shown.
Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust (Full-version)
The story is about how Kindertransport, a rescue mission for Jewish children that took place during the outbreak of the Second World War, saved the life of the author's grandmother from the Holocaust.
Lessons Learned from the Past
This single-image digital story focuses on lessons learned.
My Struggle with Mathematics
This single-image digital story recounts the author's struggle with mathematics.
Not Another Statistic
This single-image digital story is a remembrance about a family's determination to overcome living in a tough neighborhood.
Portrait of Dr. Gachet: My Story vs. van Gogh's Story
The story is about the perspective of the author towards the portrait of Dr. Gachet by Vincent van Gogh. She also discusses the relationship between the paintings and illness of Vincent van Gogh.
Stress and Education
This story is a personal reflection on stress and education. The author also discusses the different perspectives of education between eastern and western society.
Swimming: A Reflection
The narrator in this single-image digital story describes personal challenges and benefits associated with swimming.
The Day the Rain Stopped
This single-image digital story highlights a special day in the life of a family.
The Idea Maker Evolution
This story explores the uses of three-dimensional printing and how it can be used in the classroom.
The One-Sided Heart
A digital story that helps patients understand the anatomy, physiology and treatment of hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a rare congenital heart defect.
Lackluster Lunch Lines: An American Tragedy
This story focuses upon the negative impact that unhealthy food served in school cafeterias can have upon childrens health, as well as ideas for steps that can be taken to encourage schools to offer healthier choices for students.
Art as a Way of Thinking
In this video the author takes a stance against the removal of arts in education and provides arguments and reasons in support of reinstating art in the curriculum.
Crucibles in Action
The main topic of this digital story is McCarthyism and its connection to The Crucible, a 1953 play by the American playwright Arthur Miller. It was created to help students understand and explain the connection between Miller's play and the period in American history when Senator Joseph McCarthy's hunt for communist infiltrators in the federal government.
Famine and Emigration
This historical digital story introduces viewers to the history behind the Irish famine, the reasons for the mass emigration to the U.S. and the obstacles the Irish and other immigrants had to endure upon their arrival in the U.S..
Rosie's Story
Rosie's Story deals with surviving bladder cancer.
Spies of the Revolutionary War!
This digital story presents a general overview of how spies gathered information in order to achieve two things: to pique the interest of students so that they are motivated to do some independent research on the topic, and to show that the Americans didn't win the Revolutionary War with just grit and determination but with cleverness and trickery.
Symbols of Texas
This digital story on Texas symbols is designed for elementary students and is appropriate for any younger students who want to learn about the state.
The Most Dangerous Game
This digital story uses one of Richard Connell's famous short stories, "The Most Dangerous Game" to provide ELA teachers with an alternative method for covering stories and testing reading comprehension as well as assessing whether students are developing a clear understanding of how literary elements are used in stories.
The Path I Chose to Teach English Pronunciation
The story highlights why the traditional way of teaching English pronunciation, listening to an audio recording and repeating after the example, do not always work as expected, and to bring to light the similarity between singing and speaking a foreign language and how our mother tongue influences the way we speak another language.
A Surgeon's Perspective on Medical Television Shows
The author reflects on how television shows about medicine helped inspire her to become a surgeon.
Behind the Lens
A digital story about finding a passion with photography.
Biomass to Biogas
Exploring scientific trial and error through the scientific research and design process.
A personal reflection on the family effects of cardiovascular disease, smoking, and cancer.
How Low Can You Go
Exploring the use of scientific research & design (SRD) as an innovative educational opportunity for students.
Ice Cream
Ice cream as a frozen treat, a dessert, an icon of American dependance on unhealthy fast food....sounds like a problem...
Slimy Diet
An SRD (Scientific Research & Design) project exploring the harmful effects of duckweed.
Social Movements
Learn why social movements are important part of our history as well as our future society.
The video looks at the history of superman and why he has endured as a cult hero.
Technology in Medicine
The author addresses the double edged sword of medical research and patient harm and urges us to remember the Hippocratic Oath that focuses on patient health.
What to do with a Bomb?
A historical look at the 1945 atomic bombs dropped in World War II and the rise of nuclear power around the world challenges viewers to think about what it means to live in the nuclear age.
A Journey: The International Space Station
Experience the adventure as you learn the history, details and importance of the multinational, technological achievement, The International Space Station.
Birth of Internet
This digital story provides a personal reflection of the magical technology that opened up a world of possibilities.
Blue Bell Ice Cream: A Texas Tradition
The major objective of my digital story was to educate the viewer on the history of the Blue Bell Creamery, show how ice cream relates to my family, and to share my travels.
Chinese Footbinding
A historical look at extreme body modification focusing on Chinese foot binding.
Classroom Blogging
Examining if classroom blogging is benefiting students in the 21st century.
A historical look at the color of skin in relation to ideas of "beauty" and "worth".
Energy and its Discontent: A New Appreciation of the Sun
A look at how solar energy is the ultimate source for much of the power we get on Earth, describing a plan for a full world-wide conversion to renewable (ultimately solar) energy.
How I Got Here in 24 Hours
The relatively recent blending of politics, media, and news can make it very difficult to distinguish facts from opinions. This digital story explores how the show 24 has contributed to the torture debate in America as well as serve as ammunition for people who are pro-torture
Organic Food
This story explores the benefits of an organic diet versus a non-organic diet.
Relaxed or Natural?
The objective of this project is to bring attention to the negative perceptions associated with African American women who choose to wear their hair in its natural state by emphasizing the positive perceptions bestowed upon African American women who relax their hair.
The main topic of my project was rhetorical arguments with an explanation of the three forms of rhetoric, ethos, pathos, and logos.
Street Art
Where do you go looking for art? Art is everywhere!
The Cuban Missile Crisis - 1962
This digital story examines the cause of the Cuban Missile Crisis, while also addressing the personal effect of this important period in history.
The Internet & Telepresence
A reflection on the evolution and societal implications of the internet.
The Power of Television
Examining how television is the leading form of communication to the American public and how the contents hold tremendous power.
The Reality of Reality TV
This digital story examines the reality of reality television, as Jon and Kate Gosselin "put their 10-passenger van in cruise control, riding the TLC highway to fame and fortune no matter how deep the potholes become."
The Tupac Project
This story describes how a new teacher developed a lesson utilizing Tupac Shakur's song "Brenda's Got a Baby" to teach the narrative structure in a high school English class.
Unemployment is a severe problem in America today and some people are resorting to new techniques to ensure that employers are aware of their need for a job.
Visual Literacy
Visual literacy: what it means and why developing visual literacy skills is needed to evaluate images with a critical eye.
Arts Based Education
The story tries to refocus and re-enlighten the need for arts in education not as a contribution to other fields but as a core that contributes to human life through the example of the A+ Academy in Houston.
Becoming a Pilot
Roman Ohnemus shares his journey to becoming a pilot and then serving in World War II as a B25 fighter pilot.
Edward R. Murrow
The news media has become a product of commercial broadcasting. The excitement and sensationalism exists to attract viewers, while some of the respectful aspects of journalism which existed in the 1950s are gone.
First Generation Immigrants
Tracking the tale of immigration to America.
Fork in the Road
A personal journey to answer God's calling through a career change to education.
How Pop-ups Got their Pop
This digital story presents the history of paper engineering, more commonly called popup books, including some of the science behind this technology-based art form.
The Painting Process
Learn about the process of painting and what happens after the painting is finished
A Day Without Math
What would happen if math were didn't exist? An engaging look at how math applies to our everyday lives.
Amerigo Vespucci
Have you wondered why our continents are named after the Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci instead of the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus? Learn how and why "America" got its name from Amerigo Vespucci
Black & White
Watch slaves reshape Virginia with the African views and values of the slave population that gradually influenced the thoughts and lifestyle of the native white population.
Body Language of Premature Babies
Exploring the body language of babies during pregnancy and after birth.
See what clocks have to tell us beside the time of day. The video presents the history of the first clocks that were invented using water and later modified into pure mechanical clocks that minimized the errors to more than half.
Commerce, Cannon Balls, and M&M's
Explore our vast traffic in small objects and the math that determines proper packaging of spherical and ellipsoidal objects using weight, volume and the arrangement
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Explore this episode to learn about the concept of invention as a three step process through the eyes of a preacher who worked towards education of racial harmony in US
Eiffel's Towers
Discover the two towers that Alexandre Gustave Eiffel built. The video showcases the two radically different aesthetics aims in the two towers that Eiffel designed and created
Everlasting Kids
One of the most vivid childhood memories I have is of my first trip to the toy store. My first steps into that store were met with awe and wonder.
Food and Waste
Human intelligence is questioned in this digital story that explores the amount of garbage produced, the improper disposal of trash and the waste of edible food.
Greek War & Politics
Engines of Our Ingenuity, episode #1941
Growing Up
A reflection upon the many "firsts" in life.
The use of guillotine as a primitive technology for quick and painless execution was only for the noble and not for the common people. Explore the darker side of technology by looking at the historical developments of the guillotine
Lincoln's Speech
A visual representation of Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address from March 4, 1865.
Looking for Cleopatra
Engines of Our Ingenuity
Mile 20
Marathon runners hit the wall at "mile 20"...questioning why they are in the race at all. A metaphor for dealing with life's struggles.
Missing In Action
The story enumerates the events and experiences of Paul Stein as an American serving in the army and as a prisoner of war (POW) in World War II.
This digital story focuses on money as an abstraction of goods and services.
Mother Cabrini
Mother Francesca Cabrini's contributions to Italian immigration.
My Life According to Ericka
Personal reflections of growing up with a single parent.
Names of Machines
A. J. Meadows claims that the way we name our machines depends on their maturity -- that we don't settle in on a name until the machine has settled itself into our lives. Explore this video how different machines and their names were invented.
No Batteries Required
Exploration of how a book is the perfect "toy", as it provides a variety of journeys to explore.
Explore the last days of Pompeii to uncover and ponder what really pushed Pompeii to destruction and its rediscovery later by the archeologists
A look at the evolution of print media.
Streamlining and Fashion
Thoughts on streamlining and fashion, high culture, and pop-culture.
Symbols of the Dollar
Historical exploration of cryptography and its variety of applications.
Teaching America to use the Telephone
The development in understanding of telephone use for social purposes in the US rather than just business is shown in the video
The Legacy
Examining the past, externalizing the present, and contributing to the future through art.
The Milk of Human Kindness
Psychologist Robert Levine goes looking for the Good Samaritan or how kindly people react to strangers in need
Traffic Patterns
Engines of Our Ingenuity
Use it Up
What is the impact of war on the social, economic and financial state of a nation? The sacrifices made at home by Americans during the World War II era describes the impact.
Volunteer Firefighters in the US
Until someone has an emergency, the importance of the men and women who risk their lives goes largely unnoticed. This digital story asks the viewer to consider the heroism of volunteer firefighters
What If?
What if today was the last "normal day" and the comforts of freedom were taken away from me, as it has happened to many others around the world?
A Journey to Discovery
A search for identity through exploring culture and artistic inspiration.
A trip to East & West Berlin, before the wall fell down, challenges an American teenager to contemplate the idea of freedom.
Finding Meaning in Your Work
Some people spend their whole life searching for a purpose...
History of Type I Diabetes and Insulin
Informative look at the history and analysis of diabetes.
Hollywood and the Old South Myth
Exploring the Old South Myth through the eyes of society and Hollywood.
John Lennon
This story is about the importance of our memories on our future with an example of the day John Lennon died and how it has affected the author's life from age 6 to now.
Personal reflection of the tragic loss of a dear friend.
Justice or Just Us?
Reflections on a personal experience with injustice.
This is the story of my father's childhood growing up in Germany's "war district" in 1940. Explore this digital story to uncover personal reflections of a tumultuous time in history.
Personal reflection on growing up in Louisiana.
Marching Cavaliers
Involvement in a summer music program and its influence on a person's life.
Muse's Tale
Exploring how life sometimes affects one's creativity and passion for writing. How can this be overcome? Will the muse ever resurface?
Runner's Guide to Life
Discusses how running can make a person better on the inside as well as the outside.
Reflection on why people get tattoos and how it is a form of self-expression.
Teacher's Survivial Guide
Tips and advice for surviving the first year of teaching.
Teen Pregnancy
How unplanned teen pregnancy changed the course of someone's life.
The American Dream
Economic repercussions of keeping up with the Great Gatsby.
The Games of Life
The discovery of an athletic passion and how academics are always a foundation for the future.
The Reality of Television
Television and its effects on life and society.
The Story of Betty: My Maid, Mother, and Friend
An interview and reflection with a woman who was influential in teaching compassion for others regardless of race or color.
Thelma Scott Bryant and The Third Ward
Tales of a native Houstonian's life in the Third Ward, seeing it transition from a thriving culture to be stricken by poverty.
Third Ward Yates vs. Wheatly
Reflections on the "Turkey Day Classic" as a means of bringing together the local black community.
TV & Childhood Obesity
What are the connections between television and the current state of childhood obesity in America?
Reflections on a family members involvement in the Vietnam War and its effects on the family.
Who are the Heroes Among Us?
Taking a moment to discover, appreciate, and remember the heroes among us.
You Are What You Eat
Examines fast food choices and considerations for consumers, including a realistic comparison of supposed healthy alternatives.
A Walk Uptown
The digital story showcases pictures that tell a story of the growth of New York in the 1990s through the eyes of an authors' walk from lower Manhattan to Central Park.
Almost Paradise
The video showcases the differences in views and opinions of a mother and a daughter based on the different cultures in which they were raised.
Fair Park
A multi-perspective look at Fair Park, site of the 1936 Texas Centennial Exposition held in Dallas, Texas.
Moving Along South Korea
The roads and paths across South Korea led to a great deal of discoveries.
Music, Music, Music
Do you crave listening to music? Scientists have tried to understand and explain the relationship and importance of music and the human brain.
My Artwork
A personal reflection on the process involved in making a variety of artwork.
My Mama
A personal reflection about life, family and loss.
Wizard of Oz
L. Frank Baum and the social and political allegory of the Wizard of Oz.
Bias and Propaganda in Journalism
This story looks at how Journalism plays a role in shaping peoples opinion and its use by parties with power to spread ideologies to the masses.
Camera Obscura
The history of development of the camera is explored in this digital story.
Change Your Food Change Your Life
The importance of a vegetarian diet and ancient herbal remedies is shared through a personal story of cancer survival.
Chartres Cathedral
This is a video about the majestic Chartres Cathedral, its history and the stories etched in the walls and windows of the cathedral.
Coming Clean: My Road Through SRD
Explorations in scientific research and design (SRD).
Coming to Houston
This story presents the perspectives of culturally different people about their journey from their home country to the University of Houston and their experiences in the new place.
Convenient Truth
Exploring the true nature of research through an experience with SRD (Scientific Research & Design).
Energy of Ocean Currents
An evolution of SRD (Scientific Research & Design).
This video talks about the history and uses of fingerprints as a means of identification.
Geometry: Art & Architecture
This digital story explains how using the van Hiele Levels of geometric understanding can help improve student achievement by teaching geometry through everyday art and architecture
Honnor your Dreams
Did you know that 90 percent of our dreams are a metaphor from our real lives? Learn how great people have been inspired by their dreams.
I Remember: A Story of Sam Houston Park
The video describes the history of Sam Houston Park, from private property to a public historic property today.
In Search of The Pythagoreans
The video talks about the history and meaning of the Pythagorean Theorem. Several real life examples are used to explain the theorem and show how it is relevant to life today.
Intuition or Numbers?
Did you know statistics could be used to select players in a baseball team? Would you use your intuition or math to make important decisions?
Kitty Litter
Consider what a good cat litter should do from this video that discusses the indigenous kitty litter and how commercial kitty litter came into production
This video reminds us of how Shakespeare' Macbeth explores the dark forces of the human mind.
Medical Oath
Exploring the principle, meaning, moral and quality of the Hippocratic oath taken by doctors in the field of medicine.
Monster Mash
This video explores the psychology of how scary stories are taught in school and why children fear them at home.
Where were you on the fateful day of man's first steps on the moon? This digital story examines this momentous event in 1969.
Most Memorable
Lt. Colonel Roman Ohnemus shares his most memorable flying mission in World War II and the events leading up to the flight.
My First Mission
This is a story about the training and varied experiences of being a fighter pilot in World War II
My Grandfather
An emotional and inspiring story about a Vietnamese man in the midst of war who accomplished his dream to provide for his family and give them a better life.
Pump it Up
Exploring the concept of pump jacks and simple machines through scientific research and design.
Race to The Moon
This story uses President John F. Kennedy's "Race to the Moon" speech which he gave at Rice University in September 1962.
Tallest, Longest
This Engines of Our Ingenuity looks at structural details and the significance of skyscrapers, bridges and towers throughout the world.
Teresa & Sig
A story that tells more than the honor that Teresa and Sig found serving in World War II. Its a story about how love survived and helped them survive and be together for the rest of their lives
The Computer and I
The author of this digital story reminisces about growing up at the same time as computers and new technologies became part of our way of life.
The Crystal Palace
The detailed engineering architecture and art of the Crystal Palace are presented in this video.
The El dorado Ballroom
A personal history of Houston's El Dorado Ballroom is described through family photos and memories.
The Gettysburg Address
A restatement of the Gettysburg Address in this digital story uses historical photographs and paintings to illustrate the words from this famous speech given by President Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War.
The Industrial Workers of the World
Industrial workers feel the squeeze of economic hardship as they deal with grueling hours, harsh conditions, and a dependance upon their employers.
The Medieval West
Compare the medieval age and the old west and learn each of their characteristics and what they contributed to human civilization.
The Reality of TV
The video shows how television affects our reality and our way of thinking and living
Time and Efficiency
The paradox of how technology made our life easier and more efficient but did not necessarily improve our lives is presented in this video.
Way to Brighten Day
Embarking upon the unexpected journey of a year long scientific research and design (SRD) science project.
Where have all the Heroes Gone?
This story looks at some of the heroes we looked up to in the past and questions who is a hero and what is important in today's society.