Example Stories


Symbols of the Dollar
Historical exploration of cryptography and its variety of applications.
Stress and Education
This story is a personal reflection on stress and education. The author also discusses the different perspectives of education between eastern and western society.
My Struggle with Mathematics
This single-image digital story recounts the author's struggle with mathematics.
Intuition or Numbers?
Did you know statistics could be used to select players in a baseball team? Would you use your intuition or math to make important decisions?
In Search of The Pythagoreans
The video talks about the history and meaning of the Pythagorean Theorem. Several real life examples are used to explain the theorem and show how it is relevant to life today.
Geometry: Art & Architecture
This digital story explains how using the van Hiele Levels of geometric understanding can help improve student achievement by teaching geometry through everyday art and architecture
A Day Without Math
What would happen if math were didn't exist? An engaging look at how math applies to our everyday lives.