Example Stories


Reflections on a family members involvement in the Vietnam War and its effects on the family.
Thelma Scott Bryant and The Third Ward
Tales of a native Houstonian's life in the Third Ward, seeing it transition from a thriving culture to be stricken by poverty.
The El dorado Ballroom
A personal history of Houston's El Dorado Ballroom is described through family photos and memories.
Symbols of Texas
This digital story on Texas symbols is designed for elementary students and is appropriate for any younger students who want to learn about the state.
Explore the last days of Pompeii to uncover and ponder what really pushed Pompeii to destruction and its rediscovery later by the archeologists
Moving Along South Korea
The roads and paths across South Korea led to a great deal of discoveries.
Personal reflection on growing up in Louisiana.
Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust (Full-version)
The story is about how Kindertransport, a rescue mission for Jewish children that took place during the outbreak of the Second World War, saved the life of the author's grandmother from the Holocaust.
I Remember: A Story of Sam Houston Park
The video describes the history of Sam Houston Park, from private property to a public historic property today.
Greek War & Politics
Engines of Our Ingenuity, episode #1941
Galveston, Hurricanes and Oz
A digital story about the historic hurricane in Galveston Texas and how it is related to the Wizard of Oz.
Famine and Emigration
This historical digital story introduces viewers to the history behind the Irish famine, the reasons for the mass emigration to the U.S. and the obstacles the Irish and other immigrants had to endure upon their arrival in the U.S..
Coming to Houston
This story presents the perspectives of culturally different people about their journey from their home country to the University of Houston and their experiences in the new place.
A trip to East & West Berlin, before the wall fell down, challenges an American teenager to contemplate the idea of freedom.
Almost Paradise
The video showcases the differences in views and opinions of a mother and a daughter based on the different cultures in which they were raised.
A Walk Uptown
The digital story showcases pictures that tell a story of the growth of New York in the 1990s through the eyes of an authors' walk from lower Manhattan to Central Park.