Example Stories

Religion and Culture

The Story of Betty: My Maid, Mother, and Friend
An interview and reflection with a woman who was influential in teaching compassion for others regardless of race or color.
Moving Along South Korea
The roads and paths across South Korea led to a great deal of discoveries.
Mother Cabrini
Mother Francesca Cabrini's contributions to Italian immigration.
Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust (Full-version)
The story is about how Kindertransport, a rescue mission for Jewish children that took place during the outbreak of the Second World War, saved the life of the author's grandmother from the Holocaust.
Greek War & Politics
Engines of Our Ingenuity, episode #1941
Fork in the Road
A personal journey to answer God's calling through a career change to education.
First Generation Immigrants
Tracking the tale of immigration to America.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Explore this episode to learn about the concept of invention as a three step process through the eyes of a preacher who worked towards education of racial harmony in US
Coming to Houston
This story presents the perspectives of culturally different people about their journey from their home country to the University of Houston and their experiences in the new place.
Chinese Footbinding
A historical look at extreme body modification focusing on Chinese foot binding.
Almost Paradise
The video showcases the differences in views and opinions of a mother and a daughter based on the different cultures in which they were raised.
Adapting to a New Culture
This story is a personal reflection on adapting to different cultures. The authors perspective are from professional and cultural point of views.
A Journey to Discovery
A search for identity through exploring culture and artistic inspiration.