A variety of different software applications are available that can be used to create high-quality digital stories.

Several useful software tools may be obtained for free or for a relatively inexpensive cost, while some excellent tools come integrated into popular computer operating systems and may already be available to you if you have access to a current model Windows PC or Apple Macintosh computer. The list below includes some of the software programs we recommend for getting started with Digital Storytelling. Please note that some software programs are available for Mac only, some for PC only and some have versions for both operating systems. Also, some of these programs are free and others must be purchased, although even those programs that must be purchased are considered to be affordable for most schools, educators and students.

In addition, there are many great Web 2.0 tools that can be used to create digital stories and several of them are described on our Web 2.0 resources page, at: http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/expand.html

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